Losing Inspiration? Here’s how to get it back!

Losing Inspiration? Here's how to get it back!

Almost all new adventures begin with excitement, optimism and drive.

You start out on fire. You’re amped up on life’s limitless possibilities. You could not be more pumped to start your new ________ (course, study, job, relationship, business, etc.)

This is your chance to start afresh, to learn about yourself and to explore the possibilities that life has to offer.

But then it gets hard, you start to feel weighed down and overwhelmed. Everything that began with enthusiasm and energy has now turned into a stressful mess. Your up has turned into your down.

Your drive is dead. Your doubt dominates your thoughts. You can’t help but think…

“Maybe this just isn’t for me?”

Have you heard that before?

I certainly have. This is just your mind and body giving you feedback, and although it may not feel so good right now, it has a purpose. So let me share with you how you can benefit from doubt and get back on purpose!

No. 1: Be aware…be very, very aware!

This, my friend is the first step to solving a-n-y problem. If you want to be the master of your life, you need to teach yourself to become a third party observer. Step out of yourself ‘so to speak’ and look at your situation as objectively as you can. To grow is to change perspectives. So ask yourself…

“What can I learn from my doubt?”

“How can this benefit me?”

Note that doubt is often cultivated due to unrealistic expectations, which breed fear. So check out my post on clearing the fear and doing it anyway!

No.2: Accept the unacceptable!

Don’t beat yourself up about your doubts, your fears or your failures. When you do, it perpetuate a cycle – you feed the feelings and feed the thoughts that feed the feelings, and so on…

Thank your magnificent mind for giving you the feedback you need to move forward and just go back to basics!

Access your ‘WHY’. What’s your purpose, mission, vision, value or service that is most important to you? Take a few deep breaths and just hold it in your mind’s eye.

Now accept where you’re at, it’s where you need to be because the truth is…

Everything that you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for. – Billy Cox

No.3: Appreciate or depreciate

I mean this literally. When you don’t appreciate yourself you depreciate yourself or others. The wisest thing you can do is to look for a new strategy, a new behaviour a new thought and scrap what isn’t working for what is working. One of the wisest things I’ve ever heard is that “the measure of truth is effectiveness” – so let’s get real!

The reality is appreciation works, but I’m not just talking about ‘saying’ you appreciate something. I’m talking about the kind that completely shifts your paradigm because you now see how whatever was in your way is now on the way to your ultimate goal, mission, vision, value or dream. So ask yourself…

How is ________ (what is getting in the way) helping me fulfil ________ (your purpose or inspiration)?

Continue to answer this as many times as you can and really look for the answers because you will find them. List at least 15-30 answers and you will feel a shift within you – you’ll become inspired and keen to act. This works because as you relate two seemingly unrelated concepts or ideas, you connect new neural pathways in the brain and remove resistance.

Your brain is always trying to serve you, to get you closer to what’s most important to you, but if it doesn’t make the connections it’ll create resistance in the form of doubt, fear, and stress. So all you need to do is listen, be aware, accept what it’s telling you and appreciate. So don’t hesitate and take action now!

Also, I’d love to hear from you!

In the comments below let me know what drives you, what’s your ultimate goal or inspiration? Tell me what you’ve felt has gotten in your way in the past and share what you did to overcome this.

Remember to share it in as much detail and possible. Your story could be the one that inspires others to keep moving forward!

P.S. Know anyone who could benefit from this post? Please share it because you care!

Thanks you so much for reading!

With love and appreciation.

Jessica x

10 thoughts on “Losing Inspiration? Here’s how to get it back!”

  1. I love it!!!

    Especially No.3, where we focus on benefits/solutions rather that problems and doubts. Well said. Thank you.


  2. Hi Jessica, Great post love this mindset neuroplasticity “do not hesitate and take action”. I tried to send a message via you FB page unable to.
    Love to connect as i think we maybe connected – Anwyl and plus you happen to be connect to many of the same people through Ben. Have an awesome day Jessica.

  3. Jessica, that was BRILLANT. I’m in such a rut of Doubt and need to be Perfect and fear of not being able to help my clients. Studied so much – become a seminar junkie and now drowning in debt to pay off courses … Then NOT taking Action 🙁

    Am an NLP Master Practitioner, Convo Hypnotherapist, Self Mastery studies, several Holistic courses thru The Aware Show and Mindvalley – Chakras, Tapping, Grace Method, Access Consciousness Prac, Various Biz, Life Vision, Social Media etc etc etc

    Grateful to meet Benjamin J Harvey and Authentic Education – completed Inspire To Buy
    Return to Gold Coast, feel alone. Desire to practice techniques and sessions with fellow students – there’s never anyone else from the Gold Coast 🙁

    Was in Air Force for 14years …. Beauty Therapist with own salon for 15years … Then nursed my father … Fell into massive grief and depression … Then found NLP techniques – ways to resolve my Anger and Hurt. Self Mastery studies made me aware I had NO self love

    Currently STUCK … Decluttering house to setup Coaching client room. Must sell prev clothes biz – 300 items …. Now clothes racks cluttering my house – Money sitting there 🙁

    Listening to Chris Howard as I write this. You have highlighted … I am not in Appreciation of Myself
    … I have the skills … I have the Passion … I have the WHY to help people … Need to STOP !! and spend time working to Change MY current negative fear based mindset.

    I have become a Course Junkie – addicted to Learning. I already have more than enough knowledge and life skills and experience … Must breakthrough the Root Limiting Belief holding me back !! Having no family and limited friends I feel alone and don’t feel support … So maybe I need to work on that too

    Thankyou, your post has appeared “Perfect Timing” … Encouragement of looking at the positives, how far I have come.

    The need to be a Perfectionist is an excuse, another Procrastination !!

    TODAY I will STOP … and spend quality Time doing a Coaching session on ME !!! 🙂

    Sincere thankyou Jessica xxx

    I look forward to reading your other posts

    1. Hey Jennifer,

      I’m so glad that you liked it and thank you so much for sharing and being open!
      It is brilliant that you are an avid learner, but your right, implementation is an important part of learning.
      I’ve done the same thing and it’s very common. These courses are content rich and the idea of trying to implement all of it can be hectic and overwhelming.

      The truth is there is nothing missing in you, sometimes it just takes the right question to get the right answer.
      So, who could you ask to practise your techniques on? What is the simplest step you could take right now to find someone?

      And most importantly, take that step today and comment “done” when you’ve completed it. Just remember it’s not about you, its about your WHY – the people you want to serve. So as they say, “if you get nervous, focus on service.”

      I hope that has helped in some way. I’m so touched that you shared some of your story today and I’m sure others will be too! I look forward to hearing more of your journey. 🙂

      Jessica x

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